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Over the decades, every manager can observe the need to have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a key for almost all businesses striving to retain and attract the customers and remain competitive. In order to achieve this goal, effective installation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is very essential. However, if the installation of the project is messed up to 80%, then the whole system is unbeneficial to the customers and the management. It is, therefore, recommended that all departments in the organization cooperate fully with the project implementation company to identify risks in advance reduce unnecessary cost and minimize frustration to both customers and employees. With the existence of IT system, it is easy to develop the CRM project and improve the sales, marketing, and customer services. In this paper we analyze a case study of XYZ Company that has selected a committee of IT, finance, engineering, and marketing focus group to oversee the CRM project system installation.

Merits of Mr. Smith’s Assertions and the Contractor Obligation

The market vice president , Mr. Smith assertion to the contractor that he was the customer and he wants all the project contain all the customers profiling feature serve to  portray a merit on the need to treat the customers  as the boss of the company affairs. He seem to understand that the customers are the king in any business prosperity and thus, if their demand are not met such as develop a CRM system that values their orders made and replying their request, then the company will not go far before losing them to competitors who honor their requests.

The second merit is that he seems to understand the marketing tools of any product, the customers’ behavior and demand and thus, any breach of their request will automatically render the company lose them, the sales volume decline and inevitably, the company end up making loses. Mr. Smith anger portrayed how consumer feels when their request is not honored or their orders met before they decide to migrate to the competitors.

The contractor is totally obliged to honor the customers’ orders by commencing the prototype of the project again even if it will cost the company more resources, otherwise failure to honor them will cost the company more than the cost of implementing prototype as all the customers will feel disoriented and move away to the competitor.

How Francis Should Handle the Roger smith Unexpected Request

The vice president of the marketing department Mr. Smith is aware of the impact and reactions of disoriented customers. Thus, Mr. Francis, who is just an IT specialist, knows very little about them, hence, he deserves to take the request on reviewing the prototype with a lot of seriousness otherwise it will negatively impact on the sales volume of the company eventually leading to great loses. It is better to extend the period by two months and have a budget overrun than to lose all the customers to the rivals. He must call for a joint meeting of the focus group and narrate the whole episode before quoting the necessary changes identified by Mr. Smith.

Effective Changes in Control Procedure over the Situation

Amid of developing the prototype up to 40%, Steve and Francis have an obligation to effectively implement changes in the control procedure of the CRM project designing. They should now redesign the project again, start the prototype together and at this round implement the system by monitoring every stage bit by bit and involving all stakeholders including Mr. Smith in development process to identify any threat, risk or weakness in the system in advance. In fact, any CRM project is found to be redundant if it iss over 80% poorly developed.

Possible Consequences on Accession of Roger Smith

The accession of the Roger Smith request by Francis has several implications to the company. First, it will force the focus group to go back to the drawing table and come up with new strategies of controlling the project implementation procedure. It will consume time and thus, the project time may be extended for another two months for efficiency and effectiveness in all stages. Moreover, the accession of the request will lead to a budgetary overrun, where the company will incur additional costs in financing the project. First, the company will compensate the computer software solution before financing the project again from the scratch. Lastly, the staff involved in the project initiation may be frustrated leading to lack of proper coordination in the process. Another consequence observable in the CRM initiation process is that Francis may find himself punished or fired if fails to disclose candidly to the committee the problem.


In initiation of the CRM project, there is need to involve all the stakeholders in the company and furthermore, the information technology experts, the marketing department managers, engineers, and even the finance department managers. The resultant advantage of the latter is to ensure that risks and weakness are identified in advance and necessary actions are taken before it costs the company or wastes time. The selected committee must coordinate with the project initiator in order to understand all the stages and minimize the time wastage and budgetary overrun. Thus, in our case, Francis must admit that they made a mistake to implement the CRM system without involving all the stakeholders such as Mr. Roger Smith, the vice president in the marketing department.

Buy custom Customer Relations Management essay

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