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Buy custom Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management essay

Peterson Emergency Services is currently facing nurse shortages, which have resulted from high turnover of nurses from the organization. Many factors have contributed to the high turnover rates been experienced among the nurses leading to high shortages. Some of the issues include poor working condition, low motivation, poor pay, and long working hours among other problems.  Nursing leaders as well as the managers have been called upon to address the problem facing the organization before it turns into a crisis (Brudney, O'Toole & Rainey, 2000).  It is expected that nursing leaders will approach the problem using leadership approaches in an attempt to come up with a workable solution while the managers are expected to use management approaches to resolve the problem facing the organization.

A leader is a person who has the ability to influence his followers and he should have good listening skills and communication skills, which are very vital in resolving problems that faces their subjects (Karl,  Peluchette,  Hall-Indiana & Harland, 2005). In this case, the nursing leaders will use their influence to make the nurses understand the current crisis facing the organization and why they should give the management time to resolve problems facing the organization. They will listen to the grievances of the nurses and promise them to air them to the management. They will also their influence to fight for better terms of services for the nurses and at the same time request the management to employee more nurses to address the problem of shortage of nurses facing the organization. The most effective approach that the nurse’s leaders will use in resolving the issue is participative approach whereby, they will engage the nurses directly on what need to be done to address the current problem facing the organization. They will weigh the opinions of the nurses and other stakeholders on how best to approach the issue and present their results to the management for implementation. The nursing leaders will be more concerned of seeing the management addresses the root cases of the problems facing the nurses such as poor working conditions, poor pay and others and they will push the organization management to address the problems through all means even calling for industrial actions.

On the other hand, mangers, whose main functions is to coordinate activities within the organization, plan, organize and staff will most likely take an completely different approach to address the problem (Frey, Kern, Snow & Curlette, 2009). The management will likely use decision-making approach. This approach stipulates that the role of managers is to make decisions that are aimed at addressing problems facing an organization.  The current problems facing the organization needs decision to be made on what measures to be put in place  to deal with the shortage of nurses and to address root causes of the current high turnover among the nurses. The management will weigh various alternative courses of actions. The management will be more concerned with the approach that best suits the organization needs both in the short run and in the long run. Therefore, the managers will be more concerned with weighing the cost and benefit of each and very courses of action that they can use to address the nursing problems facing the organization. They will then decide on the best move that will best suit the organizational needs.

The most effective approach of addressing the problem facing the organization would be taking the management approach of decision-making (Bertocci, 2009). The approach takes into account the needs of all the organization stakeholders before arriving at the course of action to be taken in order to address the problem. The approach taken by nursing leaders is self-seeking and does not consider all the interests of the organizational stakeholders.

Buy custom Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management essay

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