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Buy custom Employees Engagement Strategies essay

The thesis statement for this research paper will be analysis of whether Engagement strategies are desirable for organizations and employees. The following sources will be used as source materials for the research of this paper.

Annotated Bibliography

Bratton, J., & Gold, J. (2007). Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice(4th ed.).

Palgrave Macmillan: London.

This source provides the different levels of the human management practice. It is an invaluable source for human resource managers as they can utilize it to make sure that the employees they have employed, or will employ conform to the certain set standards. These standards of the company will allow for smooth employee engagement (Bratton & Gold, 2007). Employees’ engagement strategies, depending on the level of employee in the seniority ladder are also outlined in this resource.

DeSanctis, G., & Monge, P. (1999). Introduction to Special Issue: Communication Processes

for Virtual Organizations. Organization Science, 10(6), 693–703.

This journal provides information on how different communication processes within an organization relate. It allows the organization to implement different communications strategies that are specific to that particular organization. DeSanctis and Monge (1999), state that without a communication setup it becomes hard for employees to become engaged in the business of the organization. The source shows how this engagement can be effected with minimal costs and maximum benefits.

Griffin, M., Patterson, M., & West, M. (2001).Job satisfaction and team work: the role of

supervisor support. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 22, 537-550.

This is an invaluable source in that it provides information pertaining to the job satisfaction that employees are supposed to have when working in a certain organization. Job satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in employees’ engagement. Employees need to feel satisfied with the kind of work they are doing in the company so that they can become more productive. If these employees are well satisfied, then it becomes easier for them to be engaged actively (Griffin, Patterson, & West, 2001). This resource gives a process through which employers can ensure that employees are satisfied with the kind of work they do in the company.

Khan W. A. (1990). Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at

work. Academy of Management Journal, 33(4), 692-724.

This journal also gives very crucial information, as pertains to the psychological setups among different employees so that the level of engagement that is expected from them can be analyzed. The different challenges that employees face that make them become not fully involved in the functioning of the company are highlighted here (Khan, 1990). The ways to overcome those challenges are also highlighted.

Lucas, ., Lupton, B., Mathieson, H. (2006). Human resource management in an international

context. CIPD Publications.

This resource, just like Bratton and Gold (2007) resource mentioned earlier, provides the different levels of the human management practices in an organization. However, this resource is more detailed and offers all the contemporary issues that affect employees in employment. The resource gives the human resources managers as well as other managerial staff the insights into the way employees think, behave and reflect upon faced by certain circumstances. This allows management to know the best strategies to employ so that they engage these employees in the different companies, and in different capacities.

Buy custom Employees Engagement Strategies essay

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