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Buy custom Managing Change in an Organization essay

The work environment is constantly exposed to many factors that try to shape the way it works. Change is an integral part of every workplace. Heraclitus, a renowned Greek philosopher, quoted that only change is unchanging. Some of these factors include recent technologies and internal factors, globalization, shifting client demands, change in the workforce, mergers and acquisitions, and shifting markets, which influence the necessary changes that need to be made to the environment. Some of these changes could be positive while the other could be negative. For an effective organizational growth, these factors should be examined keenly so that they motivate the growth of an organization. Failure to embrace change has reduced big firms into subsidiaries in an overnight.

Even though change has always been in existence, many organizations have challenges in managing change. This current world entails many things in the process of making changes to an organization or the entire structure. Thus, caution should be exercised while making the changes. Poor handling such critical processes can result in failure of the entire organizations (Addison & Lloyd, 1999). Change management involves adaptation of people to organizational culture, with apparent shift in the organization. It aims at dealing with resistance to change and positioning the organization in order to achieve its intended objective. Change comes about with transition.

The Flow of Change

Change usually starts from one point in an organization and spreads to the rest of the organization. This depends on many factors. They include the structure of the organization, as well as the size of the organization. This factor influences on how information about the change will flow from one point to another. Among the things that should be done during the flow of changes is coordination of the stages that could overlap during the change. Some other issues of importance include motivating the members of the organization in their aim to achieve the change. Handling the various cycles of change is also essential in the urge to get the desired change.

The most important thing is to know how to handle people who are not ready to embrace changes despite the advances in technology (Kotter, 2003). Those in charge of guiding the rest in the process of acquiring the change should initiate the whole procedure and take charge of the entire process. This will make people to have strategies that will enable them get to the desired behavior. With this, taking an initial step will be a great move towards achieving the desired change. More people should be influenced to join those willing to take steps to change their behaviors (Kotter & Cohen, 2002). This could be achieved by communicating with them and letting them know the importance of behavior change within and outside the organization. At this stage, action is very important and it could be done in a radical way.

Big and tactical organization knows how to seize chances that come their way. They never waste any chances that come their ways. This means that for any organization to grow, they should be able to take some changes in order to increase. Their motto remains like this: to grow gradually to gain a larger market share. Large-scale successful changes should take minimum eight stages. During these stages, an organization tries to withstand the external shocks. This enables an organization to find ways of dealing with the shocks to overcome the challenges. Overcoming the challenges is the only way an organization can move to a higher level. Organizations that do not overcome obstacles have been known to fail in any case. This is why most organizations do not get an opportunity to expand by any means. Creating a vision, as well as a mission, are the preliminary stages for the success of the organization. This helps in achieving both the short-term and the long-term goals (Bridges, 1988). At this stage, more strategies are put in place to ensure that the long-term strategies are easily accomplished. At the same time, an organization puts more efforts to the task and the work is done. The final stage should be in building a corporate culture within the organization that should enable those changes to be made.

The most difficult task in the process of bringing changes to the organization is changing the people’s behavior. However, some people have always thought that bringing a change in the culture or setting strategies is the challenge. The latter is unaccepted. This is because the people’s behavior determines whether the strategies and the cultures can work effectively. If people do not welcome the new change, they will not adopt a desired behavior that can make such changes successful.

The process of change in organization entails a lot of frustration, especially when things are not going in the desired direction (Kotter, 2003). Frustration during changes always makes most people have a notion that not all these movements should be sought by an organization. This happens because frustrations always make people to alive that situations cannot be controlled. This is the test towards the right change within an organization. Bright people are knowledgeable on how to handle frustrations remarkably well. This makes a difference between organizations that can move forward despite the challenges they are facing.

Steps That Can Help To Make Changes That Are Successful In The Long Run

The success in any organization means having an orderly and organized team. This will necessitate the urgency in achieving the desired change (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011). Besides, such a team is able to act as a unit with similar goals. This will be helpful when they try to help one another in the process of achieving their goals. Besides, they will share ideas on how to manage effectively their team for success to be found.

Successful change within a team entails putting the vision as well as the mission in the right path. This comes with proper communication within the team. The team should have a leader who leads and gives further directions on the steps to be taken in order for a particular action to be realized. Effective leader should communicate with the rest of the people to utilize their ideas and to join them towards a common goal.

Empowering people is very important in ensuring that an organization embraces the desired changes in its structure (Kotter & Cohen, 2002). This will ensure that people are capacitated to do the right thing. It involves giving people the right information on how to adopt a particular change. People should also be involved in making critical decisions regarding an organization. Reinforcement should be put at every stage to ensure that people remain in the whole process of decision-making. This will help in keeping the morale to change even if there are obstacles to be dealt with. Such challenges should be solved so that the right course of action is maintained. It will help maintaining the focus and the desire to change.

Monitoring and evaluation of the projects within an organization are very important in seeing the milestones reached; and the steps should be taken to ensure that the desired goal is achieving. This process is not just limited to recording the desired behaviors that have been accomplished. It will help to know what else is needed to be done to ensure that the right course of action is enhanced.

Buy custom Managing Change in an Organization essay

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