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Buy custom The Forgotten Group Member essay

This case is a clear indication of how teams disintegrate due to ineffective communication. Further, it shows it is as important being a team leader or a team member and thus, both the team leader and the members have a vital responsibility to play for the success of the group. 

Part 1:  Group Development

There are five stages of group development. They include:

  • Forming- in this stage the teams learn how to work. They come up with their group norms, develop their purpose and build working relationships.
  • Storming- teams experience conflicts and they need to find solutions to their problems. It is at this stage that teams learn conflict management and create consensus.
  • Norming- at this stage the team members are able to communicate effectively and solve their problems amicably. However, the team members should also engage in a high level of decision making and problem solving.
  • Performing- the team members are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. At this stage, the team should ensure it is in agreement with the responsibilities of each member.
  • Closing- the team members review the stages identifying those that are most helpful and those that will be of help in their work development.

From the case, the team is at the storming stage. The group has not identified the roles of each team member. As a result, there arise disagreements. A clear insight of the group development stages would help Christine manage her group members. At the forming stage, she would have created a strong working relationship. This would have prevented Mike from becoming hostile. If Mike understood the goals of the group, then probably he would have contributed positively.

Part II: Problem Identification

The group is facing a number of primary and secondary problems which include; lack of commitment, poor leadership, poor communication, and lack of proper organization. Christine needed to understand that, for a better group performance, the contribution of each team member was important. As a leader, she required to stress that the members come on board since they shared a common goal.

Part III: Retrospective Evaluation

For a team to succeed, it is important to resolve problems appropriately. This will enable the undersigned tasks to be completed on time. In this case, the use of problem solving methods can be used in order to manage the identified primary problems.

One of the solutions that can be employed is the identification of the existing problem clearly. This involves identifying the cause of the problem and showing that it exists. In fact, when an issue arises, the group leader should try to identify it and inform the other members of the same.

Once a problem has been identified, the next step is to get the opinion of every team member regarding the same. Each group member should be given a chance to speak without any interruptions. However, the discussions should have a set of guidelines so that everyone would feel respected and prevent any personal attacks. Positive language should be employed during the resolution. All the solutions given by the group members should be put into consideration and the most creative employed.

Part IV: Reflection

From the case, it is apparent that Christine was not an efficient group leader. This is evidenced by the fact that she is unable to control the group member especially Mike. She is also unable to get all the members on board to do the intended assignment. An effective group leader is supposed to establish objectives and direct the members appropriately but, Christine lacks this. It was only one week remaining for assignment to be submitted and yet some members like Mike had not completed their undersigned and yet it was a team project and the leader seems to be doing nothing about it. This apparently would affect the final mark of all the members and it is not fair. Christine needs to re-evaluate herself as a team leader.

Buy custom The Forgotten Group Member essay

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