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Buy custom Fight Against Obesity Program essay


Obesity is evaluated by use of several measures such a skin fold, Body Mass Index and fat content among others. The most applied evaluation mechanism of determining obesity is by use of body mass index. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an individual is termed obese if they have a BMI of over 30. The scale of the condition is on the rise, in America, and it is estimated that 42% Americans will be obese by the year 2030 (Hellmich, 2012). Currently, the American statistic reveals that over 35.7 % of adults in America are obese, while approximately 17% of the children are also obese (Center for disease control and prevention, 2012). The population varies from states, sex, socioeconomic status and race. The extent of health damage that the community suffers from cases related to obesity communicates the vitality of fighting the condition by all means. The factors contributing to obesity can be broadly categorized into genetic/inherent or environment. The children born of obese parent have a 13 percent added risk on developing obesity if control measures are not instituted compared to the other children.  Environmental factors are highly inclined to personal lifestyle such as type and quantity of food consumed, level of exercise and activity, eating habits. Other factors that also play a crucial role in developing obesity include the sex (female have a higher rate than men), age (tend to accelerate from age of thirty years and postmenopausal for women) and race (Non-Hispanic black have the highest rates).  In Winner Healthcare Center (WHC), locate in Houston city, in Texas State; obesity is development is a paramount concern among the employees.

Purpose of the program

Initiation of a program that will strengthen individual initiative to fight obesity will improve help reduce the condition among the workers and employees in Winners Healthcare Center. The program will ensure that the employees in this institution will take the matter of reducing the rate of obesity development in the institution and society as a key factor in reducing the health problems that result from obesity (Wood, 2012). According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention report of 2009, medical cost of cases related to obesity was estimated to be over $147 billion in 2008. Therefore, the program will be a considerable boost in cutting down health expenses among the targeted group. Moreover, fight against obesity will directly reduce cases of diabetes type 2, insulin intolerance, heart conditions, and conditions such as stroke, atherosclerosis and eating disorder (Wood, 2012). On top of this, individuals will be emotionally stable due to restoration of positive self image and self esteem after acquiring body physic that is acceptable by the society (Rose, 2011).

Target population

Winners Healthcare Center offers preventive and curative care services to both inpatient and outpatient clients. The institution has a total of 257 staffs and 81 supportive staffs totaling to 338 employees.  According to a survey conducted in the institution on health aspects of the employees, it was realized that 42.9% (n=145) of the employees had a BMI of over 30. In a one on   one disclosure with the employees, it was further revealed that those even those having a BMI below 28 raised concern of working hard to reduce risks of obesity.  Therefore, the program will focus on the already victim in this institution i.e. 145 employees, but any other employee in WHC will be welcomed.

Benefit of the program

Mostly, the employees who comprises of medical professionals rarely get time for exercise and physical work out to reduce their body fat mass.  Therefore, introducing the program will increase the group work mentality and influence; thus, a large population of the employees will enroll. The benefits targeted include sending a message to the community on the imperativeness fighting obesity, increasing the productivity of the employees through reduction of sick offs and health check up offs, and cutting down the health insurance expenses among such employees (Hellmich, 2012). In addition, other conditions that are associated with obesity will be controlled enhancing the health of the employees. The program can also be turned into an income generating project to target the patient willing to reduce their risk of obesity. 

Buy custom Fight Against Obesity Program essay

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