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HIV/AIDS has become a global health issue right from regional to national to international levels. The catastrophic disease is known to have no cure, though attempts are made to counter the increasing spread of the disease. Many centers have been established to address the issue among them being the Washington Hospital Center Prevention AIDs Outreach Program. The company is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Area. It is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program intending to address the community problems as well as providing the most appropriate procedures to counter the challenges and the problems of the society. Accordingly, the corporation support programs that provide social, economic and health benefits. The paper seeks to explain the need for improved HIV/AIDS surveillance data to guide the epidemic response in an effort to reduce stigma, “reduce HIV transmission and help diagnosed people begin receiving care and treatment” (Epidemiology Annual Report, 2007).

Persons responsible for CSR policies

The program has main persons responsible for the implementation of the CSR policies. They include; the stakeholders- including employees, their communities, consumers and customers, shareholders and government agencies. “There is a rapid growing interest in CSR programs for HIV/AIDs” (Benton et al, 2004). The corporation found it crucial to address the catastrophe to its effects which include; high costs from medical and other benefits, increased training and recruitment costs, reduced revenues and profits because of lower productivity, reduced disposal incomes which affects markets, savings, investments and communities at large. The CSR program mainly focus on the prevention of the disease using initiatives such as behavior change, information and education, condom distribution to all areas, and HIV testing. Some companies such as The DaimlerChrysler help workers to access AIDS treatment. This will probably become one of the outstanding contributions of companies.

Strategies to prevent the spread of the disease

While putting an effort to address the issue, the company has really faced so many challenges. The reasons behind this include; “HIV is seen as a life or death issue, HIV has a global appeal as a cause and most companies are headed and staffed by men despite the HIV/AIDS affecting both men and women” (Bryant & Knights, 2011). The company has developed various methods strategies to help prevent the spread of the disease among them being addressed below: through workplace programs, community based programs, improved access to health products and services, marketing of drug competencies and market expansion through innovation.

With respect to work place programs, the company has put a lot of emphasis on informing the managers and employees to be aware of the catastrophe and inform the public about the same. The teaching on AIDS programs in companies has increased awareness and information about the disease thus most individuals work to their best to ensure that they have informed and taught their families to take precaution measures not to contract the virus (Henry, 1995). The access to products on the other hand has real improved the lifetime of individuals having the disease. In the process, these individuals teach the public about the disease hence increasing the awareness of the catastrophe.

With support from the government, the program has high chances of succeeding and hence helping the community. The strategies adopted will be cost effective since much of the work and activities that will be employed will not require a lot of money some of which will be transmission of information through the media which covers large population.


In addition, marketing of the drugs has fundamentally played a central role in ensuring that people in remote areas have access to the products, have basic knowledge on how the drug functions and the effects of the drugs. Marketing expansion on the other hand, is important as it will enable remote areas have access to hospitals and reach the drug. However, despite the company working to its best to increase life expectancy and improve living standards of people, there is no enough support from the government. The government is only informing the public but it is not committed to encouraging and supporting the companies in ensuring people have access to the drugs and are informed about the disease. It is therefore important that there is government inclusion in implementing strategies to counter the catastrophe.

Buy custom HIV/AIDS and CSR essay

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