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Buy custom List and Explain the Six Priority Areas in the Race and Health Initiative essay

The Race and Health Initiative confirms the broad focus of the government on health concerns affecting the minority groups by stressing on main areas that represent them (McKenzie et al. 287). They eradicate health disparities in these groups whilst sustaining the improvement of general health of the Americans. The six areas comprise a considerable disease burden that is extremely changeable if proper measures are taken. The six priority areas include:

Infant mortality

This is delineated as the death of newborns before reaching their first birthday (McKenzie et al. 288). In the United States, data on infant mortality is illustrated by severe disparity amongst ethnic and racial minorities, especially among the black Americans (McKenzie et al. 288). This is linked to delivery of low-birth weight (LBW) newborns and deficiency of parental care.

Cancer screening and management

Yearly, around 1.4 million cases of cancer are reported in the US. Of all those who suffer cancer, one-third of them die. Statistics indicate that in the United States, cancer is the second cause of death. Mostly, it is brought about by lifestyle factors (McKenzie et al. 289-290). The aim of this initiative is to show that cancer is preventable. There are two types of cancer preventions which are primary cancer prevention and secondary cancer prevention.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD)

This disease is mainly in the form of stroke and coronary heart disease. Statistics show that annually, the disease kills many Americans as compared to other diseases (McKenzie et al. 291). The deaths, as a result of the cardiovascular diseases, vary widely among ethnic and racial groups. The deaths are higher among the black America (Edelman 72).


In 2007, diabetes was ranked as the seventh cause of death in the United States after it contributed to about 3 percent of the deaths. Similar to the CDV, diabetes vary widely among the racial and ethnic groups. The group that largely suffers diabetes is the Americans of Hispanic origin (McKenzie et al. 295).

HIV Infections/Aids

AIDs, a disorder documented for the first time in 1981 in the US. The disorder causes impairment of the immune system. The disease is brought about by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). There is no known cure of HIV, and it continues to be an epidemic (McKenzie et al. 295). HIV/AIDS also vary among the racial and ethnic groups with the Hispanics and Black Americans suffering the disease more than whites.

Child and Adult Immunization

Many infectious diseases have significantly been reduced with the introduction of the immunization practices (McKenzie et al. 296). The practices protect people from the vaccine preventable diseases. Children between one and  half months to around 3 years and adults over 65 years should get immunized against the infectious diseases (Edelman 96).

Buy custom List and Explain the Six Priority Areas in the Race and Health Initiative essay

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