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Buy custom Men's Health Outreach Program essay

I am a member of a Church in Brooklyn, New York, and I am interested in developing an effective health outreach program for the men’s ministry.  Outreach is the process of engagement with individuals and organizations by entities or individuals with the primary purpose of serving as resources and awareness. My church has at least 600 members that come from the Caribbean Island.  Most of the men in the church are selectively uninformed, due to the lack of desire to gain information that is vital to their health.  Some of the men in my church perpetuate this act of non-self-awareness of their health due to learned behavior.  In most minority homes, men are less informed due to lack of role model.  What I believe to be the causes of the problem is the lack of leadership, communication, education, marketing, and reward.

Starting a health outreach program for the men’s ministry in my church is personal to me, due to the loss of eight of our male members who died from chronic, debilitation sicknesses and / or diseases, such as prostate cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Starting a health outreach program can be rewarding, as well as a big help to the local areas by providing the needed services or resources.  Developing a health outreach program in my church would benefit both the men, as well as others who would volunteer in the effort of educating the church members and the community. Through the mutual agreement between volunteers and members, the community outreach program aims to conduct an electrifying new effort to create awareness to the men in my church concerning diseases and other forms of health issues. This project will encourage the use of volunteers and awareness concerts as a key approach to increase the outreach, thereby enhancing the delivery of good health care.

            The specific objective would be a health outreach program; a means for access to health information.  It would offer the free health screening and education to the critical lacking of services to understand the African American / Caribbean men through the community and men’s ministry.  To start this health outreach program I need to:

  1. Organize a group of likeminded people who are eager to help the men in my church and in the community in similar ways.  Organize the group meeting to discuss how much time and effort the group plans on giving to the men’s ministry and the community.
  2. Develop the mission statement which reflects what the following group wants to do for the community and the men’s ministry in the church.  I would implement what I learned in my dynamic and human behavior course; using the “forming – what my role would be; storming – giving the group a free stage of ideas; norming – what do others expect me to do? Can we agree and work as a team and performing - how can we get the job done properly.” 
  3. Research the needs of the men in our church and community; check with the church board members, city council, local businesses, other nonprofits and churches for their opinion about what the following area needs.  Write down the list of projects.  Apply for grants.
  4. Meet with the group to set up a plan following which the project fits with the time commitment, mission statement, and numbers.  Make a list of projects and goals to accomplish with in next year.
  5. Design flyers and meet with the church members, community officials and nonprofits to let them know about the services we’ll be rendering. Write letters to obtain sponsors and donations for the health outreach program. The program will also apply for grants from the government and private sector corporate foundations.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, I plan to start the program, as soon as I get the go ahead from the local authorities, and also when all of the technical work is settled. A lot of work and plans need to be finalized before the program can officially kick off. Some of the things to do before the program can be fully implemented, including getting a name and registering it with the New York authority. This will help in the legitimization and avoiding any form of copy cats, as well as easing up the legal paperwork. I also need to form a committee and register all the officials, including the members, and also form a program to register the new members. The outreach program will also require technical and/or medical skills in the process of drafting the budget and equipping the volunteers with the necessary skills and language. I will not be able to plan and implement all of the above on my own, and I will, therefore, start with forming a committee to help in the stages and processes mentioned. However, the issue of financial constraint is a huge setback, and the project will officially commence when funds are available. The program will, therefore, have a centralized program, but will later on split into sub groups for easier access once all details are set in place.

The project starts off with a planning phase.  The aim is to prepare an outreach program that will meet the needs of the community, especially to the men. This is in the context that health services are necessary to every individual and should be accessible, timely, appropriate, and affordable (Andrade, 1985). A good number of members of the general community will be consulted. The high priority issues and concerns identified by the members and volunteers are ignorance, where health and related services are concerned and poor information disbursement, and general communal ignorance, and unawareness. The physical problems include lack of funds and general capital inadequacy.

This outreach program relies solely on well-wishers, non-governmental organizations, and private donors. There is also a high reliance on volunteers and their involvement. The committee and members will also work on part-time basis. This means that the program has no strong pillars and will depend on other people or groups’ schedules and kindness. Without the disbursement of funds or dedication of time by the volunteers and the well wishers, this program will not be possible. In the event that funds are delayed, or the required manpower is unavailable, this program will change course to manufacturing flyers and small journals for the same purpose of enlightening the men in the church. The flyers and brochures are cheaper to manufacture, and will serve the same purpose, in case the first project fails.

The health outreach program might be a very successful program to create awareness concerning diseases and illnesses. The program has put up measures to achieve the intended goals and create awareness to the men in the church, and in the general population within the locale. The program, as stated earlier, relies heavily on foreign and domestic aid. It will also require a heavy dependency on volunteer technical and manual skills. The main resources for this program are human involvement (labor) and financial assistance from the donors, and well-wishers (capital). For this program to be effective and efficient, the two must be available simultaneously, without which the project will fail. As I began the project, I had no intentions or even the knowledge that the program needed approval, assistance, and collaboration of the local health programs. For the program to be licensed, the health department needs to certify that the program is part of the health department, and that all outreach programs are well-calculated, as well as safe for the intended group. I was ignorant of this fact, but now I am well-aware, and will make sure that all members are aware and all programs implemented.

The outreach program is a part of awareness process to enlighten men on several diseases and illnesses. The program has a model that is not based on clinical designs, but rather an awareness program that is educative in nature. The model is designed to reach men by attracting them to the awareness centers or reaching them to the areas, where they meet for social, recreational, and vocational activities. The project will give evidence on project achievement, as it presents a programmatic lesson that can be learnt on the strategic and operational element set forward as a key element for the outreach activities. The project has also suggested some critical research objectives for future use by other projects. So as to get information concerning the whole project, models and characteristics, a number of activities were enforced. The program made a review of published health and literature that included project evaluations and reports. Other organizations that are active in the same field were contacted, so as to get more information on how they went about their activities and subsequent success. Such previous research and projects will assist in the implementation, as well as the analysis of the lessons acquired from the failures or successes. The study also showed that most of the donor agents were USAID Cooperating Agencies (CAs), international donors, and other agencies, such as UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, and IPPF. Most of these agencies call for extreme transparency and cooperation. The results were a well-balanced program that had a good number of volunteers and the target group was well-reached. The program was successful, considering all the challenges and dependencies. Further research and discussion will be held with technical professions that specialize in health and disease awareness issues in areas, such as the design of the program, its implementation, technical assistance, and the final evaluation of the whole project. In this light, the project learnt vital lessons through the failures and management of funds and the human resource. As the experts suggested, in the future, a proposal will be drafted such that every person will be attached to an area of expertise, where they are well-competent in order to attain the set objectives in an easier manner.

This current model seems to be effective. However, an evaluation carried out reveals that if the product was to be improved, then better results and set targets would be achieved. Some areas need to be totally revised, so as to avoid inefficiency. In the model above, the project solely relies on volunteers. Some of the volunteers may be way too young, too old, or just non skilled persons who cannot be assigned to a particular job. This will highly inhibit the progress of the program. For there to be effective progress, the technical work must be done by professionals, who are well-equipped and knowledgeable in the specific task, rather than persons who are not so competent in the job. Therefore in future models, the human resource aspect will be revised and replaced with a new model, where the key technical positions will be taken up by professionals to increase efficient. This will, however, affect the budget and subsequently the funding. Therefore, a thorough revision will be done in all affected areas to ensure the professionalism, in order to bring more health awareness to the men in my church.

Buy custom Men's Health Outreach Program essay

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