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Buy custom Patient Involvement in the Plan of Care/Adherence essay

The outcome of quality health care depends on a patient keeping to the treatment regimens that are recommended to them by the health care personnel. Non adherence to the recommended regimens presents a very big risk to the well being and ultimately the health of a patient.

Studies show that, about 40% of all patients carry a big risk of forgetting, ignoring or misunderstanding health care advice. The financial implications of this are staggering. According to dimatteo, 2004, the yearly expenditure caused by non adherence to health care advice is in hundreds of millions of dollars. The cost of hospitalization due to non adherence is also in the neighborhood of 14 million dollars (Catz, S. et al., (2012).

Clearly, something has to be done to bring this numbers down. The way forward is largely seen to be the identification of the factors that lead to the non adherence and then trying to address them. These factors include;

Cultural variations

The way for involvement of patients should vary across different cultures (Catz, S. et al., (2012) Guidelines for improving patient adherence should be made such that they are suited to the cultural backgrounds an individual patient. This will eliminate the problem of collisions with cultural practices.

Patient attitudes

Patient attitudes are among the main problem that contributes to non adherence. If patients perceive their condition as stable, they are likely to ignore further medication, which is very risky as the disease tends to develop resistance to the medication due to incomplete dosage. The physician must strive to ensure the patient understands the importance of completing their dosage. Other attitudes, such as male chauvinism may also lead to non adherence as some male patients may perceive the judgment of a female doctor to be inferior and disregard there advice.

Interpersonal factors

The relationship between the patient and the physician is important in ensuring that non adherence does not occur. Patients are more likely to adhere if the feel that, their physicians communicate appropriately with them.

Cognitive factors

The patient must understand what he or she is supposed to do before they follow medical recommendations. Therefore, the patients’ health education is critical to their capability to adhere. With regard to Healthy People 2011, health education involves the “degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions” (Catz, S. et al., (2012).

In conclusion, most of the instances of non adherence can be averted. With the right understanding, application of the best method and the cooperation of the patient, non adherence will be in the rearview mirror. However, the patients also need to be sensitized on the need for them to adhere because even if the physician uses an incorrect approach, they are the ones on the receiving end.

Buy custom Patient Involvement in the Plan of Care/Adherence essay

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