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So, you are ready to write that college personal statement for admissions?

So, you are ready to write that personal statement for a scholarship award?

Do you even know how to write a personal statement?


Personal statement writing is not something students do in their normal school coursework. Indeed, there may be only one or two occasions in which such an essay will be required. In these situations, you must present yourself in the most favorable and memorable way and the essay indeed will be the only way in which a committee may get to know the personal you. Everything else is simply information and data on paper – the same paper they have on everyone else seeking admissions or an award. The essay must set you apart; it must compel the reader; it must be fascinating. Can you do this on your own? Would you like some help? can give you the sterling writing that you need!


Usually, the essay that you will write for college admissions will be in response to a prompt that all candidates are given. Because every candidate is responding to the same prompt, the committee is looking for the unusual, for the most compelling, and for the most engaging essays. Typical prompts will relate to some life experiences, events, and people that have influenced your values, your goals, or your interests/talents. The committee is also looking for candidates that they believe will be an asset to its academic community, so a bit of research might be warranted before you begin to write.

When you prepare to write your university personal statement, your pre-writing activities must include brainstorming, elimination of irrelevant information, no matter how much you want to include it, and a strong outline that will keep your focus pure. Then, of course, there is the actual composition. It must be perfect! And, it must be creatively written, perhaps evoking emotions on the part of the decision-makers. Humor is good; demonstration of serious introspection is also important.

At the graduate school level, the personal statement will also be in response to prompts, but at least one of these prompts will seek to evaluate your commitment to the program you are pursuing and your potential to contribute to existing knowledge and/or to society as a whole through your degree program. Careful and thoughtful introspection is called for as well as clear understanding of your long-term goals, if you are to impress an admissions committee.


Essay prompts may differ somewhat from admissions prompts, but not extensively. The committee wants to be convinced that you are the most deserving and that, by giving you this award, they will be supporting a student who will contribute to their mission and to greater societal needs. If the scholarship award is coming from a non-profit organization or a foundation, you will want to research that organization so that you understand what its mission and priorities are. If the scholarship comes from a specific department in a university, you will need to prove that you will be the most promising student they will have in their community.

Are you nervous yet? Don’t be!  Buy-Essays-Papers, the most renowned custom online essay service is here to help! We can give you a professional and creative personal writer who will prepare the best personal statement you could hope for. When you buy admissions and scholarship writing from us, you buy from the best. Your writer will take the time to get to know you, as you relate to the essay prompts.

Do not, and we repeat, DO NOT, use a cheap price essay service for this critical work. It will have a cookie cutter template and simply plug in information. Your essay will look no different than all the others.  Let the creative writers at go to work for you!

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