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If you are tired of the never-ending assignments to write research paper works for every single class, you might want to know that is prepared to assume those tasks for you – producing scholarly writing of any genre and focus.

There are many purposes for research paper assignments, and they become more and more complex as students pass from high school to college and then to graduate studies.

  1. The high school research paper: Generally, these assignments are usually called “term” papers, and are assigned for two purposes, 1) to give students experience in conducting research from books, journals, and the Internet, to organize the information that has been gathered, and to write an informational piece, accurately citing all references, and 2) to provide practice in formal English writing.  Research paper writing at this level will require a thesis, of course, but rarely a hypothesis or research question.
  2. The university level research paper: Students may experience a bit of a shock when they reach college and discover that they will be required to write research paper works in essentially every course they take. Furthermore, such papers will now require a thesis and a focus, if not a specific research question and a hypothesis to be tested.  Such works are no longer just to inform, buy will involve critical thinking and much more in-depth research.

Students who find themselves overwhelmed with their assignments and, as well, lacking in the skills to produce what is expected, should contact for help. We are an online essay and research paper writing service that has been serving students for years, and we can certainly get you through any current crisis you may be having with writing demands.

Relative to research papers, students will be looking at one or more of the following purposes, as they conduct research and develop a work that is considered worthy of the university level.

  1. Analysis: Students may be asked to research existing theories and practices in a topic area and to analyze them for validity.  (e.g., analyze the economic theory of “trickle down.”  Does it have merit in a real world setting?
  2. Argumentative: Research will involve the positions taken by prominent individuals regarding a controversial issue, discussing the merits of each position, and forming an individual position that is constructed logically. (e.g., the legalization of marijuana, or the “Stand your Ground” laws in many states.
  3. Cause and Effect: Through research, students will be asked to prove or disprove the causal relationships between or among events and/or conditions.  (e.g., climate change; pollution and respiratory disease)
  4. Comparison/Contrast: A student may be asked to compare or contrast the results that varied researchers have achieved in testing certain phenomena or conditions. (e.g. impact of differentiated educational services on student success; various treatments for PTSD)
  5. Original research: Students may be asked to conduct original observations and/or research, compare it with the research of others, and perhaps add to the existing body of knowledge
  6. Interpretive: Students can be asked to research the viewpoints, opinions, and arguments of others and to provide a personal interpretation of these things, so that a “lay person” will have a clearer understanding.

It should be noted here, that as a student moves into graduate school, moreover, much of the research work assigned will involve original research that tests a hypothesis or answers a specific research question. Not only must the student conduct research that has bone before him/her, but s/he then will be asked to design a research project, implement it, and report on it within that paper.

It is easy to see that research papers become quite complex, and it is no longer just a matter of gathering information or data and reporting on it. Our custom research paper service has topic experts who can produce papers with any of the above-listed focuses.

How We Serve Students

To obtain an online research paper from Buy-Essays-Papers, the student must provide far more than a mere topic. We need detailed information about the parameters of the work – purpose or focus, thesis, length, types of resources, format, etc. Because we only produce custom writing that is prepared only after a student has placed an order, we will not simply accept just a topic. We select from among our professional writers based upon the provided details, so it is critical that a student provide as much as possible.

Once we have the order, we match it, in terms of subject area and academic level, to a qualified writer in our employ. You see, unlike the cheap price companies from which you can buy research paper writing, we ensure that each order is completed by a professional fully qualified to produce it.

The customer is an integral part of our writing process. To that end, we set up a personal account for each client on our site, and through that account writer and customer may message one another. This ensures that the writer has complete understanding of the work to be created and that the student knows, at all times, exactly how the writer is progressing. This is what “custom” really mans, and few other essay and paper services offer this.


The student receives the finished product, approving it for download or requesting any final changes to be made (for free). Our work is done and the student has a perfect paper in his/her hands

If you need to buy research paper services, choose the one service that will come through with original custom writing for you – Buy-Essays-Papers!

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